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Do you have space for an event?

People in your community are looking for a location just like yours. Space for events such as halls, rooms, and even parking lots are in high demand.

Need Affordable Event Space?

Event Peer connects you with local hosts in your community to provide space for any special occasion.

Ready to Reconnect with your Community?

We're Re-Eventing the way small businesses and non-profits connect with their community.

What We Offer

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Birthdays, Receptions, Celebrations of Life
Get Your Celebration On


Private Space at the Perfect Place
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Outside spaces

Parks, Amphitheaters, & Lots.
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Business Spaces

Networking, Meetings, Conferences, or Happy Hours.
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Unique Spaces

One-of-a-kind Party Spots
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Pop-up Spaces

Pop-up Possibilities: Events, Retail, Galleries, Restaurants
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How It Works

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Find your match & book the space and pay online with our simple payment system.

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Connect with your host and create a memorable experience.

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Do You Have Event Space?

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Virtual weddings & Celebrations of Life Services Available

We Have Lots of Lots

Pop-up Possibilities


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